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Story Mode

Dragonary will have lore (a story around the game) that will be developed through missions in ‘Story Mode’. These missions are key in the development of the game, since they will introduce you to the mechanics of Dragonary.

With Story Mode, players will explore and understand what happens in Dragonary, and will be able to defend the world of dragons from the powerful Darkwing ‘The Corrupt One’, a dragon that seeks to destroy what little remains of Dragonarya.

In this adventure path, we will face different bosses, minions of Darkwing. Each mission will have at least 3 battles that you must complete with your dragons and avoid as much as you can, falling in battle.


Story Mode Rewards

  • Experience
  • Experience items (not yet implemented)
  • Experience boost (not yet implemented)
  • Dragon Equipment (only on rare occasions, not implemented yet)
  • Common dragon eggs (only on rare occasions, not implemented yet)